Swasthavritta deals with first and prime motto of Ayurved i.e. Swasthasya swaasthaya Rakshanam. This subject gives the knowledge of personal hygiene and public health, Yoga, Naturopathy, Health policies, etc.


  • Separate Yoga hall for meditation of students with LCD Projector to Demonstration purpose.
  • Well equipped teaching aids like LCD Projector, Laptops, Slide Projector, and Video Projector etc.
  • Departmental Library having more than 50 reference books.
  • Season wise cleansing procedures like Panchkarma and Shatkarmas also carried out by this Dept.
  • For prophylaxis of the Disease and Prevention of Ageing process, we treat the people with Rasayan and Vajikaran treatment in out Dept. OPD
  • For health awareness Yoga and Meditation camps are arranged for common people by this Dept.