Instruments And Equipments For Operation Theatre


Sr. No.Essential Equipments and Instruments*Number of Equipment and Instruments available
1Spot Light(Shadow ceiling fitted)1
2Needle holding Forceps (big-medium-small)Available
3Dressing drums of AssortedAvailable
4Drum standAvailable
5IV stand2
6X-Ray View Box (double)1
7Surgeon’s gawn12
8Mask and caps16
9Gauze, cotton and bandage50
10Gloves of different size100
11Cheetles Forceps2
12Towel Clips12
13Mosquito forceps12
14Scissors straight(Tailor)4
15Scissors curved of different sizes14
16Stich removal scissors2
17Dissection forceps8
18Sinus Forceps2
19Probes – Assorted size10
20Pointed scissors6
21Gastric and Intestinal clamps (occlusive and crushing)2
22Abdominal Retractors10
23Tissue Forceps4
24Bob Kock’s Forceps12
25Kocher’s Forceps16
26Urethral Dilators2
27Rubber catheters of Assorted sizeAvailable
28Metal Cathetors2
29Corrugatedrubber drainAvailable
30Suturing Needle (straight/curved) of Assorted sizeAvailable
31Surgical ThreadAvailable
32Sponge holding forceps7
33Right Angle cholecystectomy Forceps1
34Stone holding forceps4
35Allies Forceps small15
36Allies Forceps Big12
37Artery Forceps small9
38Artery Forceps big9
39Artery Forceps Big15
40Sigmoidoscope Rigid/flexible1
41Barron Pile’s Gun1
42Laryngoscope Pediatric/Adult2
43Boyles Apparatus1
44Multiparameter Monitor1
45Ambu Bag1
46Suction machine Electrical or Manual1
47Emergency power back up facilityAvailable
48Emergency light1
49Fire Extinguisher1
50Skin grafting knife with handleAvailable
51Surgical blades of different sizeAvailable
52BP Handle of different sizeAvailable
53Vertical BP Instruments1
54Self-Reataining RetractorAvailable
55Bone Drill Machine1
56Bone cutter1
57Giggly Saw1
59Periasteum elevatorAvailable
60Maggler ForcepsAvailable
61High Pressure Autoclave1
64Nitrous Oxide Cylinder1
65Hydrolic Operation Table1
66Shadow less lamp ceilling1
67Boyle’s Appratus1
68Instruments TrolleyAvailable
69Endotracheal TubeAvailable
70Proctoscope with or without illumination3
71Revolving StoolAvailable
72Gabrial Syringe1
73Strecher with trolley1
74Mosquito forceps12
75Needle holderAvailable
76BP ApparatusAvailable
77Suction machineAvailable


No.Essential Equipments and Instruments*Number of Equipment and Instruments available
1Ophthalmic Operation table with Head rest1
2Sterilizing box/case with mattsAvailable
3Lens insertion ForcepsAvailable
5Desmarres lid retractorsAvailable
6Cat-paw lacrimal retractorAvailable
7Mueler lacrimal sac retractorAvailable
8Dastoor iris retractorAvailable
9Meyrhoefer ChalazioncurreteAvailable
10Sinsky lens manipulating hookAvailable
11IOL manipulatorAvailable
12Foreign body spudAvailable
13Lewis lens loop (vectis)Available
14Cystome and spoonAvailable
15Mule Evisceration spoonAvailable
16Iris repository (double-ended)Available
17Jameson muscle hookAvailable
18Wills cautery with copper ball-pointAvailable
19Langs lacrimal sac dissectorAvailable
20Kelly Glaucoma punchAvailable
21Elevator (double ended)Available
22Nasal speculum adult/childAvailable
23Wilder punctum DilatorAvailable
24Bowman lacrimal probesAvailable
25Towel clampAvailable
26Hartman mosquito forcepsAvailable
27Colibri forceps 1*2 teechAvailable
28Mc. person corneal forceps with tying platformAvailable
29Dressing forceps, serratedAvailable
30Moorfieldconjuctival forcepsAvailable
31Fixation forcepsAvailable
32Beer cilea (epilation) forcepsAvailable
33Arruga capsular forcepsAvailable
34SnellenEntropian clampAvailable
35Chalazion clampsAvailable
36Vannas straight scissorsAvailable
37Barraquer needle holderAvailable
38Air injection cannulaAvailable
39Healon aspirating cannulaAvailable
40AC was cannulaAvailable
41Lacrimal cannulaAvailable
42Hydrodialysis cannulaAvailable
43J-loop cannula (Right/left With silicon tubing)Available
44Simcok direct I/A cannula with silicon tubingAvailable
45Irrigating aspirating handleAvailable
46Lens dialerAvailable
47Superior Rectus ForcepsAvailable
48Eye wash glasses (for Tarpana Karma)Available
49Swimming Goggles (for Tarpana Karma)2

Shalakya - ENT - Surgical Or Operative Procedural Instruments

No.Essential Equipments and Instruments*Number of Equipment and Instruments available
1Aural Syringe1
2Jobson’s Aural Probe2
3Eustachian Catheter1
4Mastoid Retractor3
5Mastoid Gouge1
7Nasal Foreign Body hook2
8Nasal packing forceps2
9Nasal Snare1
10bayonet Shaped gouge2
11Walshman’s forceps1
12Laryngeal forceps1
13Tongue plate with throat sunction1
14Tonsil holding forceps2
15Tonsillar suction2
16Adenoid curette with cage2
17Peritonsillarabcess draining forceps1
18Fuller’s tracheostomy tube1
19Cheatel’s Forceps1


1Other consumable articles like gloves, syringes, bandages, sutras, etc.Available