Dravyaguna is the core subject of Ayurveda. It is the foundation of Ayurvedic Chikitsa. This subject deals with the identification, properties, and therapeutic uses of various medicinal plants. Ayurveda has mentioned about five thousand such herbs in its texts. Students are exposed to this important subject in the second year of the U.G. curriculum.


  • The Dept. of Dravyaguna is well equipped according to the standards set by C.C.I.M.
  • The departmental museum showcases about 350 dry and wet specimens classified according to their parts used. These specimens are collected by students from all over the country during various educational visits conducted by our institute.
  • The department is having a well-equipped Pharmacognosy Laboratory for various tests related to drug identification and properties.
  • The department is supported by numerous Herbarium charts, slides, O.H.P. slides, compilations, photographs, and C.D.s as teaching aid.
  • There is an independent Library within the Dept. having different textbooks, Journals, and reference books including old Samhitas and books related to modern Pharmacology.
  • We have adopted the Audio-Visual method for teaching.
  • Herbal Garden: There is a unique Herbal garden attached to Dravyaguna Dept. The garden is spread over 3 Acres of land and is having about 600 plants of 300 different species of herbs including many rare herbs.
  • Educational Visits: Educational visit is a mandatory part of the curriculum. We have conducted Educational Tours to various places like Himachal Pradesh, Uttaranchal, Kerala, Tamilnadu, etc. to make the students conversant with different flora native to various geographic locations within our country. Students get an opportunity to study numerous herbs in situ. And collect the samples for further evaluation.

As an outcome of the efforts taken by our Faculty members and the facilities provided to the students; the academic result for this subject in the exams conducted by M.U.H.S. is almost 100%.