The word Rogvidnyan means knowledge of disease by the NidanPanchak (Nidan, Porvarupa, Rupa, Upashaya and Samprapti). The study of change in dosha, dushya, srotas, Agni, Kala, Bala, Desha, prakriti, vaya called Rogvidnyan. VikritiVidnyan means abnormal change in the structure and function of the body.VikritiVidnyan is related to the Modern concepts of the disease. Rogvigyan and Vikrividnyan deals with the factors which are essential to understand disease process as well as the diagnosis of diseases. It is very much necessary to understand the basic concepts, which are related to manifestation, diagnosis and prognosis of diseases. The Rogi and Rog shoud be examined before planning line of treatment.Depending on the prognosis of the disease one should plan the line of treatment.

The normal state of mind and body is called Prakruti and the abnormal state or the diseased state of the body is termed as Vikruti in Ayurveda. In Ayurveda, both Prakriti and Vikriti form a significant part, the latter being more pursued. In simple words, if a doctor is treating a particular disease of a person, He should Examine Prakriti of a Person then he is treating the Vikruti of the person. The science of life states that if the doshas of the body are not in equilibrium, then a person suffers from any form of disease. While treating a disease, a physician considers the reason or etiology of the disease, the state of doshas, the state of the dushyas (the dhatus that are vitiated by the dosha), desha (habitat of the person and the place of the disease), kala (seasonal time), bala (strength of the patient and disease) and symptoms.

 Read on to know more about the concept of Rogvidnyan and Vikritividnyan.It is said that the Rogvidnyan and Vikriti Vidnyan should be accurate in order to treat the disease of a person. This is simply because if the diagnosis is not correct, then the treatment would not yield the desired results. Charaka said that Pariksha Karino Kushala Bhavati., Means those alone are wise who act after investigation or these physicians are Successful in their Practice