Rachana Sharir

The human body is made up of sukshma sharir & sthula sharir & both are site of diseases. Not only a surgeon but also physician must be well acknowledged with comprehensive details of Rachana Sharir (Anatomy). Knowledge of human body is the very first step in the world of medicine.Sharir means human body & Rachana means Structure. So Rachana Sharir is the branch of Ayurveda which deals with the knowledge of structure of human body.
This branch consists of knowledge about bones, muscles, vessels, joints, ligaments, tendons, vital organs etc. Ayurvedic aspect of Rachana is also having knowledge of Marmas, Garbha Sharir, and Srotas Sharir etc.

So, Rachana Sharir not only deals with structural study but also with how a better one can be reproduce.


  • Most attractive portion is our Anatomy Museum having more than 200 specimens is mounted with various sections.
  • Articulated skeletons, separate bonesets, models, X-rays, charts, histological slides are available.
  • We are using modern advanced teaching aids like Slides, CD’s, OHP, LCD etc.
  • Departmental library with adequate number of books is available
  • Dissection of human body is done daily in the department for the wide-ranging knowledge of the human body